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Dr Liam Fox MP opens the natural play area at Ryves Vale

Dr Liam Fox MP has opened the natural play area at Ryves Vale in Tickenham

Dr Liam Fox MP opens the natural play area at Ryves Vale which alongside the large wildflower meadow is at the heart of Newland Homes’ pioneering collection of zero carbon homes in Tickenham.


Decarbonisation is driven forward

The ribbon cutting event was also an opportunity to show the North Somerset MP how decarbonisation is being driven forward in his constituency by SMEs like Newland Homes.  We demonstrated the renewable technologies we’ve introduced into our homes to transform the way they run.

Zero carbon homes at Ryves Vale

32 zero carbon homes have been built at Ryves Vale, complete with high levels of insulation, solar panels, air source heat pumps and electric car charging points.  The highly efficient homes emit no net carbon in use and are powerhouses in their own right; generating as much prime energy as they need.

Almost 50% of the site is open space

Dr Fox joined some of the families already living in Ryves Vale to test the play equipment and see how far the development has come since he first visited in November 2021 at the start of construction.  Almost 50% of the site is open space.  The natural outdoor play equipment sits within a wildflower meadow with meandering gravel paths and an adjoining woodland area.

Homes that are cost effective to run

Jeremy Drew, Developments Director at Newland Homes, comments: “Ryves Vale was the test bed for the creation of our first zero carbon homes and we’re convinced that this is the future for housing.  Carbon cutting can be both good for the environment and good for the pocket. We need to move away from the notion that being green is more expensive and start to see that it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. The homes we’ve created at Ryves Vale are extremely cost effective to run. They cost less than £4 a week for a four bedroom, detached, zero carbon home over the summer months, plus obligatory standing charges.”

Dr Fox MP comments: “It’s great to see the high quality of the finished products and that carbon neutral can be both functional and attractive simultaneously.”

The UK government has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.  However, in recent weeks the PM has relaxed the targets for households to move away from fossil fuel boilers, as well as other measures designed to reduce carbon emissions in the long term.

Nearly 300 zero carbon new homes in the near future

In addition to Ryves Vale, we have seven further developments underway in the South West, providing nearly 300 zero carbon new homes in the near future.  We’re also working collaboration with our social housing partners to help ensure highly energy efficient housing is available to those households on lower incomes.

Jeremy continues: “The rolling back of green policy targets is frustrating, as we are ably demonstrating that with vision and commitment these can be attained reliably and profitably.  However, this delay won’t derail our plans for more zero carbon homes.  Our customers are demanding a green housing revolution as they want to play their role in the fight against climate change.”

One property remains

Just one, four bedroom detached ‘Sherston’ property remains for sale at Ryves Vale, priced at £629,000, with up to £20,000-worth of tailored incentives.  Tailor-made viewings are available daily between 11am to 5pm, seven days a week.  Call 01275 338023 to book a tailor-made tour.  For further information and to view the home online please visit:  or follow Newland Homes on socials @newlandhomes

Prime energy is the regulated energy used to provide lighting, heating & hot water in the home assessed by a standard procedure. This assumes a typical family lifestyle as indicated in the home’s Energy Performance Certificate.


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