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We’re celebrating the completion of our 100th zero carbon home

We're celebrating the completion of our 100th zero carbon home

We’re celebrating the completion of our 100th zero carbon home.  A momentous milestone reached at White Poplars in Malmesbury.  This milestone is not just a company success, but a significant step forward in the collective effort to reduce carbon footprints and promote eco-friendly living.

29 zero carbon homes have been built just off of Storey Mews in Malmesbury.  Zero carbon homes are powered by renewable technologies, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels to provide a cleaner and greener alternative to homeowners. The homes at White Poplars have solar panels, air source heat pumps and high levels of insulation.

Embracing the benefits of zero carbon living

Joyce Sowersby and David Herman are one of the proud owners of a new zero carbon home.  The couple moved from a Georgian listed building in the heart of Glasgow to be closer to their family and have embraced the benefits of zero carbon living.  “We’ve always done our bit for the environment, recycling and the like, but this home has made it very easy to do more” says Joyce.  “The solar panels blend into the roof and we don’t have to think about them.  The house is easy to heat and the battery storage for the solar panels means we are practically running off grid.  It’s a nice situation to be in.”

“We’ve bought a hybrid car and have a car charger on the house, so all our local driving is done on electric.  That would have been impossible in our old home as we had on street parking.  We have embraced the benefits of zero carbon living in a modern home and feel that the Government should legislate for all new build homes to be built this way” says Joyce.

Zero carbon homes achieve an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency and environmental impact

Newland Homes built its first zero carbon home in North Somerset in 2021.  We have been widely praised for our trail-blazing approach to sustainability and are one of the few housebuilders to fully embrace green technology in our homes.  The zero carbon homes achieve an ‘A’ rating for both energy efficiency and environmental impact, making them the absolute pinnacle of sustainable development and far surpassing the UK’s current building regulations.

Alison Bowen, Sales Manager for Newland Homes, comments: “In just a few short years we have conscientiously changed our approach to housebuilding.  As we’re an independent housebuilder we have more agency to keep pace with the latest renewable technologies and deliver the type of homes which enable people to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.  It is lovely to see Joyce and David so happy in their new home and they join the 99 other households embracing a new, more sustainable way of living.”

Air source heat pumps and solar panels

We install air source heat pumps in our zero carbon homes instead of gas boilers.  Heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air to heat rooms and provide hot water.  They are highly efficient and can extract heat when outside air temperatures are as low as -15 degrees.

Furthermore, the homes are orientated to maximise solar gain and constructed with high levels of insulation to deliver significant energy savings.  Depending on the orientation of the roof, between 12 and 20 high-performance solar panels have been installed to each property to generate electricity.

‘Oscars’ of the housebuilding industry

Newland Homes is a Carbon Neutral Business for the second year running and it recently won a WhatHouse? Award for Best Sustainable Development for another of its zero carbon schemes.  These awards are known as the ‘Oscars’ of the housebuilding industry, and Newland Homes was praised for its robust approach to climate change and its carbon neutral agenda.

Newland Homes has collections of zero carbon homes in handpicked locations across the South West, for further info click here

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