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Zero carbon living in the heart of Malmesbury

Zero carbon living in the heart of Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Joyce and David moved to White Poplars for zero carbon living in the heart of Malmesbury. They moved from a duplex apartment in a Georgian listed building in the heart of Glasgow.  “It wasn’t very energy efficient with old sash windows” says Joyce.  “We looked into retrofitting our apartment, to make it more environmentally friendly. This was prohibitively expensive and the results questionable.”


The search begins…

In 2021 one of their daughters got married in the Cotswolds. This prompted them to start looking for a new home in the area, in order to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  “We didn’t want to be on top of them, but close enough to meet up on a Sunday and have the wee ones over to stay” continues Joyce.


They spent a week touring the South Cotswolds and quickly ruled out buying a traditional cottage. Although they’re lovely as a holiday home, they wanted more light, higher ceilings and space.  The couple were on a day trip to Malmesbury, when they first heard about the new development of zero carbon homes by Newland Homes.


“We weren’t actively looking for a zero carbon home. We initially had reservations about the renewable technology because of our research into retrofitting, but the location was superb” says Joyce. “Our four daughters are very environmentally plugged in and encouraged us to go for it.”


Zero carbon living in the heart of Malmesbury

“We’ve always done our bit for the environment, but this home makes it very easy to do more” continues Joyce. “The solar panels blend into the roof and we don’t have to think about them.  The house is easy to heat and the battery storage for the solar panels means we are practically running off grid.  It’s a nice situation to be in.”


“We’ve bought a hybrid car and have a car charger on the house, so all our local driving is done on electric.  That would have been impossible in our old home, with on street parking.  We have embraced the benefits of zero carbon living in a modern home, The Government should legislate for all new build homes to be built this way” says Joyce.


The couple have a short walk into the town of Malmesbury, where they can get everything they need in a welcoming and thriving community.


Making White Poplars their new home

“Newland Homes arranged for us to visit their show homes at Honey Glade, Chapmanslade prior to committing to the purchase.  The quality of the build was exceptionally good. This reassured us, as we were effectively buying off plan.  We have probably never lived in such a comfortable home” concludes Joyce.  “There’s a lovely flow to the house. The layout has been cleverly designed to make the most of natural light.  It’s a beautifully light house, with lots of storage space.  Someone has thought very carefully about the practicalities of living in a home.”

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