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Zero carbon homes at Hempsted Lane, Gloucester

We are delighted to provide information on proposals for Zero Carbon new homes in Hempsted.  These new homes would be amongst the first in the county to achieve this exceptionally high level of sustainable housing.  They would be far in excess of current regulations for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Above: Shows view of development location in community context

The UK was the first nation to declare an Environment and Climate Emergency in 2019.  We are looking to respond to this forward thinking and proactive response to create a benchmark for future homes.  In addition it will help address the impacts of global climate change.

Above: Shows a plan of the proposed Zero Carbon homes

Above: Shows a plan of the proposed Zero Carbon homes

Currently, 274 Local Authorities have echoed the Government and formally declared a Climate Emergency.

In July 2019, Gloucester City Council backed a motion for all new public buildings and developments to be carbon neutral.  We see these homes as a huge step forward in helping to achieve this.  It will also provide a case study to prove that truly sustainable housing is achievable now.

Above: Sketch of proposed Zero Carbon homes

Above: Sketch of proposed Zero Carbon homes

Our proposals for new homes in Hempsted include 3 zero carbon homes to the west of Hempsted.  These are designed to offer contemporary high quality zero carbon homes that reference the agricultural nature of the site and sit comfortably within the environment.

Simple building forms ensure high levels of thermal insulation can be efficiently achieved.  Buildings will be orientated to maximise potential for solar gain and PV capture.

Green roofs provide biodiversity improvements around the building to enhance wildlife connections.  Sunken elements to the north retain views and reduce the buildings mass.

Above: Shows proposed sustainability diagram for Zero Carbon homes

Above: Shows proposed sustainability diagram for Zero Carbon homes

By using a fabric first approach, the homes will have high levels of insulation that far exceed current regulations.  When combined with the homes being designed to maximise the benefits from solar gain and also propose highly efficient heating, ventilation and renewables we can achieve homes which are zero carbon.

Beyond the efficiency of the homes themselves, residents will benefit from electric car charging points and vegetable gardens to help reduce carbon emissions as part of daily life.

In addition, a sustainable drainage system is proposed to control surface water run off.  This allows for future changes due to climate change.  Surface water will be controlled by a combination of evaporation, soil infiltration and uptake from planting. Planting will include specifically selected species within the basin which will create a new habitat and improve biodiversity.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for such an exciting and ground-breaking scheme and welcome any comments related to these proposals.


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