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Post Farm, Off Peacock Road, Thornbury

The Site

Proposed new homes are located to the north of Thornbury, accessed from the recently developed Post Farm site, via Peacock Road, off Butt Lane.

The site is an almost square piece of land which is enclosed with mature trees and hedging. Existing residential areas lie to the south west.  To the south east is the David Wilson ‘Morton Meadows’/Pippen Drive development currently under construction.


Above: Proposed streetscenes (to follow)

Proposed new homes at Post Farm in Thornbury, Bristol


Proposed new homes at Post Farm in Thornbury, Bristol building heights plan


Our proposals include up to 32 net zero carbon homes, this far exceeds current building regulation requirements.

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes are proposed consisting of terraced, semi detached and detached dwellings with a high proportion of bungalows.

35% of the homes will be allocated for affordable housing.


Landscape and Ecology

The development will provide an approximate biodiversity net gain of 20%.

An attenuation pond is provided within the open space area, this is designed to be permanently wet but the level of water will fluctuate as and when there is rainfall.  The pond will provide many opportunities for biodiversity and amenity.

The large open space area accommodates meandering mown grass footpaths which navigate through the play area, around the pond and through the woodland and meadow areas, creating a pleasant environment for users and many biodiversity opportunities.

All hedgerows are to be retained, some require management such as coppicing.  Any new planting will be native hedging, shrubs and trees, providing ecological enhancement.

There will be no new lighting adjacent to existing hedgerows.

Suitable bat and bird boxes will be provided to enhance bat roosting and bird nesting.



Climate Considerate - Just some of the items we build in to our homes that make them considerate to climate change

Above: Shows an example of some of the climate considerate measures Newland Homes aims to include at each development where possible.

The homes themselves will be zero carbon…

By replacing gas boilers in favour of air source heat pumps, high quality solar panels and upping the insulation levels, our zero carbon homes at achieve as much prime energy* as they need, in addition to being automatically enrolled on a zero carbon renewable energy tarrif.

* Prime energy is the regulated energy used to provide lighting, heating and hot water in the home assessed by a standard procedure assuming a typical family lifestyle as indicated in the home’s Energy Performance Certificate.

Above: Some of the technologies that go towards making our homes zero carbon.

Sustainability throughout our company

We’re a climate considerate Developer. In 2021 we signed up to the United Nations ‘Climate Neutral Now’ pledge.  This commits us to measure our carbon footprint, take steps to reduce and where necessary offset our carbon footprint and report annually on our progress.

This site will be developed with the aim of reducing annual energy consumption and provide energy in the most environmentally friendly way to reduce the annual CO₂ footprint.  As recommended by CIBSE, Newland Homes approach is to adopt the three stages of priority, seeking to reduce energy use through the cleanest possible solutions.

Above: Newland Homes has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint and has joined The United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now.



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