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Cheltenham Road East, Churchdown

Proposed new homes in Churchdown.

We are pleased to present information on our proposals for 145 new zero carbon homes at land to the south of Cheltenham Road East, Churchdown.

The Site

The site is situated to the north east of Gloucester and is between the B4063, Cheltenham Road East and the A40, Golden Valley Bypass.

The site is 8.1 hectares and is currently in agricultural use and is bounded by existing managed hedgerows, there are no public rights of way across the site.

Proposed new homes in Churchdown


Of the proposed new homes in Churchdown there are 145 residential dwellings, 35% of these will be affordable housing, equating to 51 dwellings.

The entrance to the site is located towards the north eastern corner of the site, off Cheltenham Road East.

Proposals indicate a range of house sizes, from one bedroom homes through to larger detached family homes.  They also include bungalows as well as traditional homes ranging in two and 2.5 storey in height.  A number of terraced, semi-detached and detached homes are included. Parking has been provided for each property as well visitor parking spaces. Garages are provided to many homes, these provide storage for cycles, and where homes do not have garages they will be provided with a shed to store cycles.

Proposed new homes in Churchdown

Above: Proposed streetscenes

This site will deliver Community Infrastructure Levy contributions as well as expected S106 contributions for education, libraries and recycling facilities. There will also be a highways contribution.

The New Homes Bonus will also benefit the Parish, with the Parish Council receiving this money directly.

Proposed new homes in Churchdown

Above: Site layout


The site forms part of the South Churchdown Strategic Allocation of the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy (adopted in December 2017) under policy A2.

Proposed new homes in Churchdown

Above: Shows the site in relation to the South Churchdown Strategic Allocation of the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy (adopted 2017)

Local context and connectivity

The immediately surrounding area of our proposed new homes in Churchdown is mostly housing.  The fire station to the west and Imjin Barracks to the north of the Bellway Homes site.  The village of Longlevens is to the west, Innsworth and Churchdown to the north and the wider village of Churchdown to the east and south.

The site takes its access from Cheltenham Road East.  This road provides links to the Elmbridge Court Roundabout to the south west and the A40 Arle Court Roundabout to the north east.

Cheltenham Road East is currently a 7.5m wide carriageway with footpaths on either side. As part of the Gloucester to Cheltenham cycleway improvement scheme, the carriageway is to be narrowed to 6m.  There’ll be a 3m wide segregated two-way cycleway and 2m wide footway to the north of the carriageway introduced.  The footway to the south of the carriageway is not proposed to be altered.

The villages of Churchdown and Innsworth provide a good mix of local services and facilities.  These include; local healthcare and pharmacy, supermarket and local shop, public house, primary and secondary schools, nursery, place of worship, community centre and playground.  All of which are within walking and cycling distance.

The local transport network provides access to Gloucester and Cheltenham and their associated facilities and further links to the wider transport network.  The M5 motorway junction 11 is approximately 3.5km from the site and can be accessed via the Elmbridge Roundabout and the A40.

Above: When putting together our proposals, a meticulous detailed analysis of the local area is completed to make sure new homes visually fit within the local community

Landscape and Ecology

  • The development will provide an approximate biodiversity net gain of 33% for habitats and 15% for hedgerows.
  • An attenuation pond is provided within the open space area as well as wet swales proposed along the frontage of the site.  These will be permanently wet but the level of water will fluctuate as and when there is rainfall.  Ponds and swales will provide many opportunities for biodiversity and amenity.
  • The large open space area accommodates dry swales, meandering self binding gravel and mown grass footpaths.  These will navigate through the play area, around the pond and through the woodland and meadow areas.  In turn this will create a pleasant environment for users and many biodiversity opportunities.  The footpaths lead back to the housing area, around the perimeter of the development.  Footpaths also lead to the allotments which are located on the south eastern side of the site.  Parking is provided near to the allotment area.
  • New hedgerow planting is proposed where the existing access to the field is.  Infill planting will also be provided where necessary.  This will provide ecological enhancement to the existing hedgerow.
  • All other hedgerows are to be retained, some require management such as coppicing.  Any new planting will be native hedging, shrubs and trees.
  • There will be no new lighting adjacent to existing hedgerows.
  • Suitable bat and bird boxes will be provided to enhance bat roosting and bird nesting.

Above: Shows an example of some of the climate considerate measures Newland Homes aims to include at each development where possible.

The proposed new homes in Churchdown will be zero carbon…

By replacing gas boilers in favour of air source heat pumps, high quality solar panels and upping the insulation levels, our zero carbon homes at achieve as much prime energy* as they need.  In addition they are automatically enrolled on a zero carbon renewable energy tarrif.

* Prime energy is the regulated energy used to provide lighting, heating and hot water in the home assessed by a standard procedure assuming a typical family lifestyle as indicated in the home’s Energy Performance Certificate.

Above: Some of the technologies that go towards making our homes zero carbon.

Sustainability throughout our company

Proposals respond directly to Tewkesbury Councils Climate Emergency announced in October 2019 through the provision of zero carbon homes on this site.  Newland Homes is a climate considerate Developer.  In 2021 we signed up to the United Nations ‘Climate Neutral Now’ pledge.  This commits us to measure our carbon footprint, take steps to reduce and where necessary offset our carbon footprint and report annually on our progress.

This site will be developed with the aim of reducing annual energy consumption and provide energy in the most environmentally friendly way to reduce the annual CO₂ footprint.  As recommended by CIBSE, Newland Homes approach is to adopt the three stages of priority, seeking to reduce energy use through the cleanest possible solutions.

Above: Newland Homes has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint and has joined The United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now.


In terms of drainage, the site has been designed in accordance with Gloucestershire County Council guidance and we’ve also completed our own investigations and are satisfied our proposals are robust.

Proposed new homes in Churchdown

Above: Newland Homes’ team site walk and assessment

Access and Transport

A transport assessment, Travel Plan and Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review have been prepared for our planning application.  The Gloucester to Cheltenham cycleway improvement scheme is currently under construction, this affects the previously discussed and agreed access arrangements for the site.  The creation of the cycleway will provide the opportunity to cycle to Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Noise and Air Quality

A noise assessment has been carried out.  The existing noise source in close proximity to the site is mainly traffic the A40 and Cheltenham Road East, for which mitigation will be provided.  A noise bund and fence are proposed along the site boundary with the Golden Valley to protect new homes.  The air quality assessment details the mitigation measures provided during construction.


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