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Great Oaks takes root at Engine Common with the first zero carbon homes unveiled to the public.

84 three and four bedroom homes are being constructed just off North Road, complete with high levels of insulation, solar panels for electricity generation, air source heat pumps for hot water and heating, and electric car charging points.  Rather unusually for new build developments, three detached bungalows will also be built.

Commemorating the area’s industrial past

At the heart of the development lies a one-of -a-kind piece of public art to commemorate the area’s industrial past.  ‘The Great Beam’ artwork is made from reclaimed timber and references the beam engine that once operated on land adjacent.  Artist Adam Blencowe designed the piece to celebrate the industrious people that first came to live at Engine Common, whilst also providing public seating for its newest residents.

Latest technology reduces reliance on fossil fuels

The highly efficient homes at Great Oaks will be equipped with the latest technology to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.  This provides a cleaner and greener alternative to homeowners and transforms the way homes are designed and run.

Continuing the environmentally friendly approach, allotments will also be created for local people to grow their own produce at Great Oaks.  A natural play area will be created adjacent to an area of open space for all to enjoy.

The new homes achieve an ‘A’ rating for both energy efficiency and environmental impact.  This makes them the absolute pinnacle of sustainable development.  It far surpasses the UK’s current building regulations.  Indeed, some of the homes at Great Oaks achieve scores above the top possible rating.

Homeowners report running costs of less than £4 a week over the summer months

These zero carbon homes are powerhouses in their own right.  They generate as much prime energy* as they need from the solar PV panels and air source heat pumps.   They are extremely cost effective to run.  Our purchasers at our first zero carbon home development, Ryves Vale, have reported summertime running costs of less than £4 a week!  This is for a four bedroom detached, zero carbon home (plus obligatory standing charges).

Marcus Evans, Sales & Marketing Director for Newland Homes, comments: “We have a long and established connection with Engine Common and the surrounding area.  We’re pleased to be returning with our innovative zero carbon homes, which have been widely heralded as the future for housing thanks to their use of renewable energy.”

Right now we’re based in Andrews Estate Agents at Station Road in Yate until the showhome opens early 2024.  We expect the first zero carbon homes to be ready for occupation during the spring.

Seven further developments underway in the South West

In addition to Great Oaks, we have seven further developments underway in the South West.  This provides nearly 300 zero carbon new homes in the near future.  We’re also working in collaboration with our social housing partners to ensure highly energy efficient housing is available to those households on lower incomes.

Prices at Great Oaks start from £415,000 for a three bedroom, semi-detached home.   Tailor-made appointments are available daily, please call 01454 537993 to for more information.  Follow our socials for updates on our progress @newlandhomes

*Prime energy is the regulated energy used to provide lighting, heating & hot water in the home.  This is assessed by a standard procedure assuming a typical family lifestyle.  This is indicated in the home’s Energy Performance Certificate.


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