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Demonstrating renewable technologies including air source heat pumps (ASHPs)

We’ve joined forces with Cheltenham Zero to help Cheltenham residents reduce carbon emissions from their homes this Net Zero Week.

We are opening the doors to our brand new, net zero home at Pear Trees in Leckhampton on the 6th July 2023, from 10am to 1pm.  This is to demonstrate how renewable energy is a greener and cleaner way of powering and heating homes.

Net zero week

Net Zero Week is the UK’s official national awareness week.  It’s designed to provide the best expert advice and information, as well as a chance to share and learn.  It has the aim of radically reducing carbon emissions to combat the effects of climate change.

It is estimated that 33%* of UK emissions are consumer-based from homes and cars. Climate change means that everyone needs to accept responsibility for their own personal emissions. One way of doing this is to move away from fossil fuels and use renewable energy instead.  Renewable energy experts will be available on the 6th July to answer questions about how this technology works in the home. The event is free to attend but tickets must be booked in advance as numbers are limited.

The new homes at Pear Trees have solar panels to convert sunlight into energy. Homes have been orientated to maximise solar gain.  Energy generated by the solar panels is used to help power the home’s air source heat pump (ASHP).  This extracts warmth from outside air to heat water for underfloor heating, radiators and hot water in place of a traditional gas boiler.

The result is that these homes are power houses in their own right.  They create as much regulated prime energy as they need to run.  This reduces energy costs and minimises the impact that everyday living has on the environment. The homes emit no net carbon in use, a marked reduction from the 3.6 tonnes of CO2 emitted per annum by the average UK home (according to the HBF Watt a Save report in Feb 2023).

Cheltenham Zero

Cheltenham Zero is working with local organisation to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Cheltenham by 2030. The project is a partnership between Cheltenham Borough Council and local climate charity Vision21. It supports members to help identify a suitable pathway to net zero and translate that into positive climate action.

Marcus Evans, Sales & Marketing Director at Newland Homes, comments: “There needs to be a major overhaul of the way we heat and power our homes.  We understand that some people may not be familiar with an air source heat pump, or know how solar panels work.  This event is for them to come and ask questions and to find out more. Whether people are thinking about retrofitting in their own homes, or considering moving to a more energy efficient home, our team of experts are happy to help.”

Becki Sillence, Cheltenham Zero Communications Manager, commented: “Domestic energy consumption is one of the biggest sources of emissions for most households. This is a fantastic opportunity for local people to see air source heat pumps and solar panels up close and ask questions about how they work. Events like this help to build awareness of and confidence in these technologies, which we hope will encourage more people to think about adopting them.”

Net zero is different to ‘carbon neutral’

Net zero differs from ‘carbon neutral’ as this can be achieved by simply offsetting the carbon emissions of a business or home. It means reducing emissions to their lowest amount through energy efficiency measures. The 27 homes at Pear Trees achieve the highest possible ‘A’ rating for both energy efficiency and environmental impact.

The world’s answer to stopping climate change is Net Zero Week. It runs from the 1st to the 7th July 2023.  According to the Net Zero Week organisers, reaching net zero will require many new measures, innovative solutions, aggressive government policies and plenty of human effort both at work and at home.

For further information about Newland Homes please visit  or follow Newland Homes on socials @newlandhomes. Cheltenham Zero’s web address is

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