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Zero carbon living at Ryves Vale in Tickenham

With zero carbon living concept growing in popularity, research by Rightmove* has found that around one in 10 people are currently looking to move to a more energy efficient home.  The property portal is also reporting that keyword searches for “solar panels” and “heat pumps” have skyrocketed.


A new development in North Somerset is one of a few locations in the UK that can offer the energy efficiency and sustainability credentials that today’s house buyers are seeking.  At Ryves Vale in Tickenham, new residents, such as Juliette and Julian Rayner, are already experiencing the benefits of zero carbon living.

Zero carbon living

“We were really interested in the idea of zero carbon homes to conserve energy usage” says Juliette.  “Before moving here, we didn’t feel like we were making a positive contribution to tackling climate change, but now we do.”


The couple’s four bedroom ‘Clevedon’ home has 16 335kW photovoltaic panels on its roof.  The energy generated by the solar panels is used in part to power the home’s Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), which extracts warmth from outside air to heat water for underfloor heating, radiators and hot water in place of a traditional gas boiler.

Smart apps

Each home at Ryves Vale comes with a smart app to view, control and manage energy use throughout the day at the touch of a fingertip.  Juliette admits that she has become quite obsessed with it: “The app allows us to see in real time how much energy the solar panels are generating, how much energy is going into the battery and how much power we’re taking from the grid.  On a bright winter’s day, we can live off grid for part of the day.  As we enter spring and get more sunshine and daylight hours, that will increase.  It’s an environmentally sustainable way to live.”


As both Shell and BP reveal record annual profits from oil and gas, at a time when households and businesses grapple with sky-high energy bills, North Somerset residents like Juliette and Julian are treading a different path.

This is the future of housing

“When we first came to view Ryves Vale in early 2022 we were more concerned about the environmental impact of the homes rather than the everyday running costs.  However, that was before the war in Ukraine and no one was aware how much the energy prices would go up.  I would say running costs are much more of a consideration now than they were.”


“This is the future for housing” continues Juliette, “like you’re helping to drive change.”


Three, four and five bedroom detached homes are available at Ryves Vale.  All properties achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating in excess of 100.  This places them firmly in the top energy performance band of A, which is achieved by only 2% of houses in the UK.  The homes are highly energy efficient with reduced running costs, whilst also being good for the environment through lower carbon emissions.


Prices start from £585,000 at Ryves Vale in Tickenham .  Tailor-made viewings are available daily between 11am to 5pm, seven days a week.  Call 01275 338023 to book a tailor-made tour.  For further information and to view the homes available online please click here.


*Rightmove Green Homes Report

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